A Project for Just About Everyone.

If you saw my room these days, you’d know that I have plants all over the place. Primroses, orchids, violets, amaryllis’…So this project was quick and practical, in my case at least.

It was a bit dreary outside today, and I felt the need for something simple. Really simple. This is something I always enjoyed, and its a great creative outlet for anyone, any age, no matter how much imagination you have (or don’t have)!

I picked up a few terracotta pots at my local craft store, as well as some weather resistant paint. It only costs about $1.75 or so per bottle.

Also, some sponge brushes. (They don’t leave bristle lines on the pots like some cheap paint brushes do. But no worries, these are just as inexpensive!)

And so I went to town.

I was inspired by the colors on a blanket I have from Mexico, so I attempted a little Southwestern flavor.(Warning: Painting is not my strongest suit.)

This really is one of those projects that requires no instruction whatsoever. And please, by all means, paint with reckless abandon. (I’m positive that’s not a command you hear on a regular basis, so run with it.)

I like to call this one “Dancing Saguaros.”

Thanks for your encouragement. I have a few really exciting upcoming projects to share with you soon!

And don’t forget, paint with reckless abandon.